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New Packaging Facility

Our new packaging complex in Texas will strategically expand our company's production capabilities of organic packages for microelectronic devices. The new production facility will is built area of 13,143m² and 25,420m² of floor space. It is a three-storey building embedded in steel frames.

The building is designed with environment-friendly features such as wastewater recycling systems for reusing water emissions.

The plant consists of equipment such as wash tanks, water chillers, a trim station, centrifuges, packing tables, a slicer, bag sealer, water monitoring equipment, batch coder and metal detector.
It is also equipped with three chill rooms of about 1,400ft² in total to hold finished product and one chill room to temporarily hold and cool the incoming produce.
After the produce has been prepared for slicing, the further process is largely automated until the product is packaged and weighed at the pack tables.
The wash tanks are designed to provide effective dirt removal and adjustable residence time within a compact space. Each wash unit allows the product to travel along a spiral versus linear water path, which means each piece of product undergoes a very thorough wash and gets full contact with the chilled water during processing. The unique design results in getting a 42ft wash path for a product, in a tank measuring just 13ft.